Stop Snoring NOW with SleepPro
The No.1 Stop Snoring device

Are you or your partner being prevented from getting
a good night’s sleep by snoring or sleep apnoea?
Are you looking for an effective and affordable
solution to stop snoring?

SleepPro is the answer.

Wearing a SleepPro stop snoring mouthpiece  keeps your upper airway open and  can significantly reduce or completely eliminate snoring, helping you to enjoy that long awaited peaceful night’s sleep.

stop snoring mouthpiece

Wear a SleepPro stop snoring device when you sleep – it’s that easy!

The SleepPro stop snoring device is a ‘Mandibular Advancement Splint’ that will help you to stop snoring and regain night’s of quality sleep. By advancing the lower jaw this introduces a slight tension in the soft tissues. This keeps  your upper airway open and helps you to breathe more comfortably and easily whilst you sleep. It works for nearly everyone, and is almost guaranteed to improve your sleep leaving you free from snoring forever.

In fact, we are so confident it will help reduce or eliminate your snoring  problem, that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee* with our entry level sleepPro Easifit products.

stop snoring mouthpiece

SleepPro works as effectively but is significantly less expensive than similar dentally fitted devices

This cost efficient solution to snoring is easy to fit – using boil-and-bite technology – clinically proven to stop snoring from the first night you use it. Some doctors and dentists offer comparable treatments that cost up to 40 times (!) more than the SleepPro Easifit device. In addition, our money-back guarantee ensures if you are not 100% pleased with your SleepPro, you can request a refund*.

Money-back guarantee

The SleepPro stop snoring device totally puts an end to snoring for pretty much everyone who tries it. We are proud to have helped many thousands of people worldwide to achieve a peaceful nights sleep since 1998, if it doesn’t work for you, send it back within 30 days for a refund*.

We are committed to offering effective, yet readily affordable solutions and continue to develop our product range and distribution network to this effect.

*Only valid for sleepPro starter appliances


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